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CNET: Nanoleaf Canvas review: cover your walls in color
The new, square LED light panels are Nanoleaf's best-looking product to date, and they work with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant -- so are they worth the splurge? If you liked this video then check out our CNET Light Bulb Buying Guide: &n...
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CNET: Vivo Nex smartphone unboxing
CNET editors unbox the Vivo Nex smartphone. If you liked this unboxing then watch another one: PlayStation Classic unboxing -
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CNET: Electric scooter injuries on the rise (CNET News)
Emergency room doctors see an uptick of injuries happening with this new form of transportation.
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CNET: DJI Osmo Pocket first look
A truly pocket-sized 4K-resolution camera, this Osmo is tailor-made for people who love to shoot and share without worrying about shake. The little 4K-resolution shooter is on a three-axis gimbal like those found on the company's drones for...
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CNET: Sony Aibo: what it's like to live with a robot dog
Bridget Carey takes Sony's Aibo for a test run to see what it's like for a family to live with a robot dog, and how different people (and animals) react to this new species of pet. Also watch our first Aibo video: We played with Aibo: Sony...
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CNET: The best Microsoft flops (CNET Top 5)
Many technologies have come out of Microsoft. Not all of them have been hits.
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CNET: iPhone XR and XS extreme water test
It's the ultimate water test where we subject the iPhone XS and iPhone XR to depths they never saw coming. Make sure to check out our iPhone XS water test: Did it survive? Download the new CNET app: Like u...
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CNET: The best headphones of 2018
CNET's David Carnoy shares some of his picks for the best headphones of 2018. Check out more of the best headphones for 2018 -
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CNET: Dolby Dimension headphones review
The company's first consumer-electronics product is a $600 wireless headphone designed for binge-watchers with multiple viewing devices and deep pockets. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: https://...
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CNET: The Teslasuit literally shocked me | Beta Test
It's a haptic, full-body suit that lets you feel the force in VR. And it hurts!
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CNET: Comic-book legend Stan Lee dies at 95
Beloved comic-book creator Stan Lee is dead, but he leaves behind a long legacy of characters and stories that will last for generations. Marvel's Stan Lee dies: Remembering the godfather of geeks - #StanLee #StanL...
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CNET: The HTC Vive Focus is coming to the US, but it's not for you
The HTC Vive brought VR to the people, now HTC wants to bring it to companies. HTC's push for enterprise VR centers on the Vive Focus. Read the CNET Editors Take: HTC's Vive Focus is the company's new standalone VR headset - https://cnet.c...
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CNET: Samsung One UI walkthrough: Coming to Galaxy X
This is the OS that'll run on Samsung's foldable phone. Make sure to read the article for more info: Samsung redesigns its smartphone user interface with One UI - Don't miss the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 hig...
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CNET: One UI stage demo at Samsung's Developer Conference 2018
At Samsung's developer conference, the company debuts its new user interface, One UI, which it says is more natural and comfortable than its predecessor, TouchWiz. Also read: Samsung redesigns its smartphone user interface with One UI - ht...
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CNET: Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone: Everything we know
Here's what we know and what we don't. Galaxy X: Everything we know about the price, specs, release date for Samsung's foldable phone - Watch the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 highlights: Foldable phone display ...
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CNET: Huawei's Mate 20 Pro is one of the best Android phones around
It's packed with high-performance tech, looks great and comes with some exciting new extras. Thanks for watching and check out the CNET review for more info: Huawei Mate 20 Pro review -
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CNET: AirPods 2 could be coming soon | The Apple Core
The latest AirPod 2 rumors suggest we may see two new versions of Apple’s wireless earbuds before the end of the year, or early in 2019. Apple didn't introduce AirPods 2, but did it tease them? -
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CNET: Sony PlayStation Classic first look: It's good, but not great
What you see is what you get: Sony’s throwback console is a window to PlayStation’s past, but it holds absolutely no surprises. Read the CNET Editors Take: Sony's PlayStation Classic is an incomplete reflection of the 32-bit era - http...
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CNET: iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS camera comparison
Is that second lens worth the money? Portraits and night shots may be the deciding factor.
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CNET: New MacBook Air 2018 review
Apple's MacBook Air has gotten a much-needed reboot, keeping the name, but changing just about everything else, both outside and in. And while it's still called the MacBook Air, this new version might as well be called the "MacBook Pro Lite...
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CNET: iPad Pro 2018 review: Beautiful, fast and not necessarily for you
Apple's new iPad Pro gets Face ID, can pair with a better Apple Pencil, adds a USB-C port and runs with blazing speed. It’s not quite the killer super-computer for everyone, though. But who is it for? Scott Stein and New Yorker cartoonist L...
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CNET: OnePlus 6T review: in-screen fingerprint reader looks to the future
The OnePlus 6T is the first widely available phone in the US to have a fingerprint-on-display. But to do so, it abandons the headphone jack. Read our OnePlus 6T review: A hero phone without the sky-high price -
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CNET: iPhone XR vs. Pixel 3 camera shootout
Does the Apple iPhone XR or the Google Pixel 3 take better photos? Watch the iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: Read the CNET article with more photo comparisons here: S...
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CNET: New iPad Pro 2018: Our first look
Apple's latest iPad gets an all-new design, including a slimmer bezel, Face ID and a Liquid Retina display. Watch our hands-on with the new MacBook Air: And our first look of the new Mac Mini:  MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro 2...
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CNET: Mac Mini: Up close with the all-new tiny desktop
Apple's tiny computer gets its first update in four years. The new MacOS device has new quad- and six-core Intel CPUs and starts at $799. Watch our first look with the new iPad Pros: And our hands-on with the new MacBook Air: MacBook A...
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CNET: Apple's Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro highlights in about 10 minutes
Apple unveils a redesigned Macbook Air, Mac Mini, iPad Pro and even a new Apple Pencil at New York's Brooklyn Academy of Music. Read the CNET article: MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro 2018: Everything Apple just announced - https://cnet....
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CNET: Red Dead Redemption 2 review
Jeff Bakalar sits down with Scott Stein to discuss the massive scope of Red Dead Redemption 2 and his impressions of having played more than 40 hours of Rockstar Games' latest. Check out Jeff's full, detailed review on CNET:
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CNET: Shopping at Amazon Go in San Francisco
We take a quick shopping tour through the first cashier-free Amazon Go store in San Francisco. Read the CNET article: Amazon Go cashierless store arrives in San Francisco -\
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CNET: 5G explained with billiards and darts | Bridget Breaks It Down
Millimeter wave, latency, speed, density -- 5G cellular technology comes with plenty of jargon. Bridget Carey breaks it down for you in a simple way -- with bar games. Watch Bridget break down synthetic DNA as a way to store your data: L...
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CNET: iPhone XR review: The iPhone you should buy
The iPhone XR has only one rear camera and an LCD screen. But with a lot of the same features as the more expensive iPhone XS, Scott Stein thinks it's the best of the bunch. Here's why. Watch our review of the iPhone XS and XS Max:
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