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Softline: About Softline - видео

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Компания Softline, образованная в 1993 году, – международная компания в сфере лицензирования программного обеспечения и оказания полного спектра ИТ-услуг по обучению, консалтингу, технической и юридической поддержкам, ИТ-аутсорсингу.

About Softline - видео.

Softline is a leading global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, headquartered in London. The company enables, facilitates and accelerates digital transformation for its customers’ businesses, connecting 150,000+ organizations from all sectors with 6,000+ best-in-class IT vendors, alongside its own services and solutions.

With a turnover of US$ 2.2 billion in the fiscal year of 2021, Softline is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. In October 2021, the company got its primary listing on the London stock exchange (LSE:SFTL). Softline’s growth is underpinned by its three-dimensional strategy to expand its geography, portfolio and sales channels. The strategy is supported by Softline's active approach to M&As, enabling the company to take advantage of the ongoing consolidation in the industry. During the fiscal year of 2021, Softline has acquired several companies with annual turnover totalling approximately US$ 200 million, including five acquisitions that have been announced in the first six weeks of 2022.

Softline's 8400 employees work in almost 60 countries throughout Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa—markets with significant growth potential.

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