3iTech: AI in action. 3iTech experience - видео HD

3iTech: AI in action. 3iTech experience - видео

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Канал компании 3iTech, российского вендора речевых технологий, голосовой биометрии, а также специализированных решений и сервисов для интеллектуальной обработки неструктурированных данных.

AI in action. 3iTech experience - видео.

3iTech. Innovations. Information. Intelligence
3iTech is a company that sets new standards in the field of exceptional customer experience. We analyze 100% of customer interactions across all channels of organization. We provide comprehensive AI-powered CX-solutions for business and government. We have already done 300+ projects all over the world. Our company was founded in 2006, so by this time we have more than 15 years of researching and development. We use only our own technologies.

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To learn more about 3iTech, visit 3itech.ru/
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