Artificial Intelligence: What's next? HD

Artificial Intelligence: What's next?
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What's next?.

00:00 Intro
01:01 Current Situation
03:50 Personal Life
09:13 Art and Entertainment
16:14 Work Life and the Business Sector
23:28 Learn More about Neural Nets with Brilliant

Learn more about neural nets (and many others topics in math and science) on Brilliant using the link You can get started for free, and the first 200 will get 20% off the annual premium subscription.

For this video we have looked at what AI applications are currently under development and add some wild speculation about where things will be going in the near future. We want to hear your speculations, too, so let us know in the comments.

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Sam Featherstone
They of course took away the OPEN in OpenAI. They need to rebrand it to SellOutAI
Sam Featherstone
Apply for jobs for me and write me.
_«Can suggest anything from the next video to your next romantic partner...»_
*_«what's the difference anyway!»_* Best comment ever!
Hans Kraut
Serious mental helath issues dont react to nice words. Its about serious statistical improvement peereviewed dubble blind placbocontrolled etc. the real opportunity is in personalized medication finetuning and maybe personalized perfect coping strategys (unlikely very helpful if AI is not reeeeeeelly smart and can remember almost everythibg you say and proces it in background and find patterns with 1000 machine lerning /pattern recognition/sorting/reflecting techniques combined also voice i put would make conversations faster and able while doing other thibgs since people still have stressfully jobs and little free-time sometimes depending on mental health like stuff/character (the normal spectrum not the clinical ones).
Robert Allgeier
Why do we watch your videos? We LEARN from you! And thank you SO much. As to your question; I'm excited as never before, over the possibilities.
Richard Long
What a race, smoking fast times.
Boris Parizot
No AI could ever replace you ❤
I found it very ironic that visual artists have complained endlessly on how their art was used to train without their permission their own job un-maker and everyone shrugged and said «though luck», but try it to do with big music and every big player is scared shitless of copyright from the media company ghouls.
Real «we live in a society» moment
Jeffrey Morris
You missed the most basic thing: AI is going to improve itself — it's going to do that quickly.

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