AI: NVIDIA'S HUGE AI Breakthroughs Just Changed Everything (Supercut) HD

AI: NVIDIA'S HUGE AI Breakthroughs Just Changed Everything (Supercut)
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NVIDIA'S HUGE AI Breakthroughs Just Changed Everything (Supercut).

Highlights from the latest #nvidia keynote at Computex in Taiwan, home of TSMC and the world capital of semiconductor manufacturing and chip fabrication. Topics include generative AI for robotics, chip design, media, leveraging #chatgpt by #openai and many reveals across every application of artificial intelligence.

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Timestamps for this Nvidia Keynote Supercut:
00:00 Introduction
00:29 AI for Ray Tracing
02:17 Generative AI for Avatars
04:21 Compute for Generative AI
07:14 Newest Generative AI Examples
09:00 Generative AI for Communications
12:44 Generative AI for Digital Twins
16:33 Nvidia Omniverse Cloud Demo
18:42 Generative AI for Advertising
21:30 Generative AI for Manufacturing
24:07 Generative AI for Robotics

Julian King
Listen to the shitty, generic, boring, pop pap, @ 8.00- that AI produced as a song (and which this audience of techno drones applauded) and you will quickly realise that the supposed creative power of AI is a total con. It can only reproduce shallow, sad copies of already debased and lifeless culture samples.
stalin gonzalez
Amazing! I feel this comment session is so obsolete that it won't be needed anymore
Cranky Buzzard
I sent this link out to at least 50 folks. Tremendous.
Posh Sims
Love this presentation!!! I love Ai & tech thank you for posting!!!
Power Tester
Where are all the claps? I was hoping to see that excitement in audience with every single topic shared here. It’s magical!
Jonathan Freyone
I really feel sorry for actors, their profession may be under threat.
Michael Tenery
The world is changing so fast. The time ahead is going to be so wild.
Rock Daddy
Taindra Neupane
AI is too hyped up recently by wall st....but it could take years to materialize folks!
Muhammad Salman
Nvidia killed Google's 3D project

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