ЦОД: High Availability Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery | Vadim Sumin - видео HD

ЦОД: High Availability Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery | Vadim Sumin - видео

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High Availability Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery | Vadim Sumin - видео.

Vadim Sumin, DevOps Engineer at Magecom, spoke at Magento Meetup Online # 11 on November 11 with the topic “High Availability Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery”.

Vadim spoke about high availability infrastructures, their main features, and disaster recovery. He also provided best practices examples for developing high-availability solutions based on AWS.


0:00:05 Welcoming speech & agenda
0:00:34 What is not included in the talk
0:01:20 What is High Availability (HA)
0:03:03 Basic design principles
0:09:49 Murphy’s law
0:10:51 What is a disaster
0:12:33 High availability is not disaster recovery
0:14:00 Recovery time objective & recovery point objective
0:15:05 Core Disaster Recovery strategies
0:17:26 Backup and Restore
0:18:47 Pilot light
0:20:27 Warm Standby
0:21:30 Multi-site active/active
0:22:11 Infrastructure as code
0:25:05 Thank you for your attention
0:25:20 Q&A session
0:25:26 Question #1: Did you implement zero-downtime deployment on Magento 2 at release or perhaps with disaster recovery?
0:27:34 Question #2: Is it true that to ensure horizontal scaling with multiple frontend and application servers, it is not at all necessary to import the backend of a monolithic application to NodeJS?
0:28:37 Question #3: What kind of disasters did you encounter, and how did you recover from them?
0:29:56 Question #4: Do you use CloudWatch Alarms to notify you about disasters and attacks? Could you please provide best practices for its setting?
0:31:02 Question #5: Have you encountered performance degradation in cases of autoscaling? If yes, how did you solve such issues?

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