HD CNET: The best Microsoft flops (CNET Top 5)

CNET: The best Microsoft flops (CNET Top 5)
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CNET 53 ролика

John Gyver
I hate those Windows tiles. They're ugly. They made me switch to Linux-based operating system when got a PC with Windows 8 preinstalled.
Okay, to be honest I had much more reasons to switch, but that ugly Windows interface was the first one.
Rene Bjørnskov
Microsoft Bob, it was supposed to make things easier but just added nonsense.
Have you guys seen “Windows Mobile 95”?! Just look for it on here, it’s hilarious
Who else wants Windows Phone to return? Best OS, let down by lack of third party apps.
Ultra Madness
Microsoft needs to stay with pc/laptops
Mike Wolf
I still say the Zune was the second best product Microsoft ever made. I still have my Zune and Zune HD. Love the fact it has built in HD radio. If Microsoft didn’t kill of Windows 8 phones with the built in HD radio, I woulda gotten a Lumia instead of an iPhone.
스티브 발모 저 냥반은 변한 게 없네.
Nauman Khan
BBOS and BB10, I miss it almost every day
Angel Manuel Perez
Zune. I still use mine daily. Also, I'm going to miss Continuum if it dies out. The way you could turn your Window's Phone into a full fledged desktop is amazing. Sure, it had bugs but those can be fixed if there's a will.
Aamir Bilal
Aye Aye-yaaz was a sailor.

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