HD Разработка iot: Azure Communication Services | Enterprise-grade Video, Voice, & Chat experiences | I

Разработка iot: Azure Communication Services | Enterprise-grade Video, Voice, & Chat experiences | I
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Introducing Azure Communication Services: a brand new platform that leverages the same enterprise-grade services behind Microsoft Teams through Azure to deliver video, voice, and chat experiences, and much more. CVP Scott Van Vliet, joins Jeremy Chapman to announce the public preview of Azure Communication Services, to discuss the significance of delivering these capabilities, and to show you how to build it. 

Imagine taking the same chat, voice, video experiences, and capabilities of Microsoft Teams and making them available to any digital experience you want to build, tailored to your specific scenarios. You can now integrate the proven communications capabilities of Microsoft Teams across your apps, websites, mobile, and IoT platforms via Azure Communication Services with the same secure, compliant enterprise-scale foundation.Built for the enterprise, you can now build secure connected experiences on your website that incorporate a variety of communications modalities. All this makes rich communication capabilities accessible, wherever your users might be engaging. 


00:00 — Introduction
00:03 — What Azure Communication Services is
01:13 — Built for enterprise
02:14 — 5 Communications services
03:46 — Real world demo
06:49 — How to build it
12:14 — How it integrates with Microsoft Teams 

Link References:The public preview of the Azure Communication Services SDK is available today at https://aka.ms/ACSPreview. Unfamiliar with Microsoft Mechanics? We are Microsoft’s official video series for IT. You can watch and share valuable content and demos of current and upcoming tech from the people who build it at Microsoft. 

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Ricardo Quintanilla G.
can you please share the source code used in the demo?
Quazi Zaman
Do both the users have to pay for Teams license?
Hyounoo Sung
Just about when we were looking for communication services! nice!
Aakash Sharma
Want to intigration with Ms dynamics 365.
Fantastic! Thanks for the great work! About time Twilio had some real competition.
Eric Blankenburg
I've been wondering for a couple of years if Azure would provide some competition to Twilio. Glad to see it. But, we need to be able to easily build ACS apps with Xamarin and Blazor.

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