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VMware Russia: часть 1. Ключевой Доклад - видео
Часть 1. Ключевой Доклад 00:00 Приветствие Пэта Гелсингера, CEO VMware 01:26 Ключевой Доклад – Михаил Михеев, руководитель системных инженеров VMware
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Reinvention of RAID for the World of NVMe (Webinar)
Record of Webinar "Reinvention of RAID for the World of NVMe" (18.07.2019)With the growing market of Enterprise All-Flash Arrays, it is vital to ensure the software fully employs all capabilities of the advanced hardware. As existing soluti...
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ITGLOBAL: VASExperts DPI: key options and features - видео
Learn more about DPI! Internet service providers are seeing an increased pressure on broadband networks as more people stay at home. Video conferencing, remote-learning, messengers and applications like YouTube ar...
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