C#: The Free Ultimate UI Design Tool for Windows Forms | C# Tutorial - видео HD

C#: The Free Ultimate UI Design Tool for Windows Forms | C# Tutorial - видео

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The Free Ultimate UI Design Tool for Windows Forms | C# Tutorial - видео.

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In this video, let's go through how to create modern UI designs in windows forms using the ultimate free UI designing tool, which is known as Krypton Components/Toolkit.

How to Make Modern UI Design Applications in C# or material design application in c# windows form?

Need some ideas or a simple material design for your C# Windows Application. Here, with the help of the Krypton Toolkit, you can easily build them and get the best UI out of them.

This Toolkit will even help you to work with your programming Projects or Assignments. Also, this tutorial is suitable for beginners and advanced users too. If you are new to programming and you are using IDE like Visual Studio to build software, This video has shown every works step by step.

Krypton Toolkit includes palettes and templates, where you can use to style the user interfaces of your applications. Krypton Toolkit includes extensive documentation integrated into the Visual Studio help system, source code for all the samples, and also when creating a new project, you can select one of the Krypton Toolkit templates in order to get started with all the correct references. Krypton Toolkit is totally free.



You can download the Source Code from the below link.

Download Krypton Toolkit (Github Link)



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Video Section:

0:00 introduction
1:02 Download Krypton Toolkit
3:13 Creating a Tab for Krypton Toolkit
4:12 Importing Krypton Elements
5:45 Conclusion
6:10 Outro


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I used a free(because I advertised) version of Krypton back in 2005. Now I use WPF.
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