HD TMZ: Steve Wozniak Warns People to Get Off Facebook Over Privacy Concerns

TMZ: Steve Wozniak Warns People to Get Off Facebook Over Privacy Concerns
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Steve Wozniak has a warning for anyone who uses social media… the platforms are eavesdropping on your private conversations, and sending that precious data to advertisers.

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good buddy
Damn, Woz is kinda stacked.
XVG Whale
While I support the option of privacy (for example, Verge Currency) I really don't care if facebook has my personal data, photos, direct messages, and post and really as I have nothing to hide. It's only an intrusion of privacy if you want privacy. Otherwise, I couldn't care less when it comes to social media unless it were an account I used specifically for posting anonymously(in the case of trolling, political or religious, in which case might not want to offend friends, or might simply just want to say whatever I want to gauge reactions etc). Otherwise, for all I care, facebook employees can sit around and look at my weiner all day and it would make no difference to me. As far as cryptocurrency goes, I think people should have the choice of privacy, and/or financial transparency for banking institutions, we neither need banks breathing down our necks nor dishonestly dealing with our money behind our backs. As far as social media, if I wanted privacy, I wouldn't post anything on facebook or twitter to begin with, broadcasting yourself and expressing yourself publicly is opposite to the concept of privacy, the choice to use social media is the choice not to have privacy pertaining to specific content. I respect Steve, but honestly, I don't care if facebook or even the FBI, CIA, or law enforcement listened to all of my conversations, I'm not doing anything wrong, I'd tell them to buy XVG, and watch me make Stoner Coin in a fully legal fashion lolol If they're monitoring peoples heart beat with lasers or whatever like Steve says in this video, whoopity doo, maybe the gov can send me a health report in the mail, not like any of that information can be used against me nor is in anyway shameful or embarrassing. I'm all for the choice of privacy, but sometimes it doesn't matter. As far as facebook goes, yeah, they'll offer you «privacy» but only because they want to centralize your data, rather than allowing others to use bots to scrape your public data(facebook doesn't want others to access your data besides them, because then your data is less valuable to them, as they can sell it to others, but facebook aren't the only ones that can access your data, so they'll get you to agree to privacy features, but understand the profit motive).
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Hes 100%true
the most beautiful person in the world
Dude Facebook is the #1 cause of divorces and break ups, I just made an account recently and was into it the first week and now I just hate people even more cause their so lame posting every little thing they do
Brendan Clinton
Social media makes people unhappy and invades our privacy

Time to cut the cord
I remember one time when Woz posted on Twitter that his room number at a hotel ment something in binary. And he posted the room number. And we called the hotel, and asked to be connected to that room and spent the next hour talking to Woz in the middle of the night thanking him for inventing the Atari 2600. True story. And the recording of the call exists
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