HD The Lilium Jet five seater all-electric air taxi

The Lilium Jet five seater all-electric air taxi
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In 2017 we revealed something the world had never seen before, a two-seater, all-electric, jet-powered vertical take-off and landing air taxi.

Now, we're taking it to the next level with the maiden flight of our five-seater prototype. The Lilium Jet takes us another huge step towards making urban air mobility a reality.


Scott Lynch
All of the underwhelmed people commenting on this video clearly have no background in engineering. People really don’t know the amount of effort and planning required to make a toaster oven, let alone a sui generis vehicle like this.

I just hope some good American companies pick up the pace and beat out those Germans! In all honesty, though, bravo.
Rafael Mercado Salas
No, thanks.
Johnfortich Vista
POWER. That's the limitation. If only the phone's «WIRELESS CHARGING» tech could be utilize to make SERIES of TOWERS that powers these flying vehicles. Or for now just tether these to a powerline, «CHARGING ROAD» of sorts just like in trains but for flying vehicles. So instead of a road, you get a series so towers that act as a road for flying vehicles. TESLA was right all along, we need his tesla towers. Imagine a series of tesla power towers that points upwards only to power flying vehicles at an instant it pass by.
jack daniels
Unimpressed in this video
Seriously? Just the vertical? Is that a plane or an elevator? In vertical flight Also a fan would fly…
Dai Yang
Great vision, but I'm also really wondering the true sound of this thing.
I'm a little sick and tired of unshaven geeks cheering about gadgets because their jobs depend on it.
Who els is here from Instagram
Adam Stanczel
Really nice! Great job! I would like to ask you about how you are planing to protect the turbines from the birds?
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