HD CNET: Sony Aibo: what it's like to live with a robot dog

CNET: Sony Aibo: what it's like to live with a robot dog
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Bridget Carey takes Sony's Aibo for a test run to see what it's like for a family to live with a robot dog, and how different people (and animals) react to this new species of pet.Also watch our first Aibo video: We played with Aibo: Sony's $2,899 robot dog —


Anyone getting an Aibo?

Watch Bridget debate Detective Pikachu vs. Toy Story 4 on Nope, Sorry:
Great review Bridget! Your daughter is so cute! I cant believe its been over two years — I still remember when you were pregnant with her on the CNET Daily show lol
Uh… You put too many 2s ,9s, and 0s on that price… LOL… I really only needed to watch 0:25 of this bull, but it is Bridget.
Jameel Ja
This needs to be around $250. Interesting to see where this tech will be in 10 years
Faizal Mohamed
There is a camera on that thing and it is connected to the internet. And it follows your moves and recognize the layout of your home, tracks your families activity…
I don't know why? But All my jingle Bells are ringing.
This is called conditioning, just like Alexa, and google home, Sophia and other mechanical mimics of what will play a huge part in human lives in the near future. We are the ones being programmed to except This as normal.
Timotius Immanuel Awuy
This is so cute. Aibo play Despacito
it's so nice seeing someone so positive about aibo along with documenting your visit to the elderly! there is a lot of negativity surrounding ers-1000's release (e.g, why not get a real dog) but aibo has been in the hearts of a lot of us for many many years.
Thi Huynh
i loveeeee this..i dont want a real dog..too much work this dog can lick my face with a real one u cant!!!

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