HD CNET: Fantastic Beasts series could be in danger | Stream Economy

CNET: Fantastic Beasts series could be in danger | Stream Economy
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The box office for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald hasn't exactly lit the world on fire; on top of that, Warner Bros has a very specific track record when it comes to underperforming blockbuster franchises. What could happen if the studio decides to shake up Fantastic Beasts? We break it down!Don't miss last weeks EP: Detective Pikachu could launch the Pokémon Cinematic Universe —


Thomas Mooney
I wish to rebut the point that the fantastic beasts series may be shortened due to poor performance and low revenue. Whilst it is true that the movie is underperforming compared to its predecessor, when we look at the franchise As a whole and from a global perspective, the conditions look far more favourable. Looking at the combined worldwide revenues for both movies fantastic beasts 1 (~814 million ) and fantastic beasts 2 (~470 million) we can see that they have grossed almost 1.284 billion. Using the estimated average production cost in the video of 200 million per movie, making a billion-dollar combined production cost for the franchise, we can see that The franchise has already paid for itself and has left $284 million in profits to deal with advertising and other extraneous costs. Averaging out to $56.8 million per movie. Ultimately this means Warner Bros. is in profit for the remaining three movies and would be foolish to minimize that profit this franchise has to give by collapsing three moneymaking movies into one.
Shawn Michael
faux nerd
Justin Kim
Spent 2 hrs on the movie itself and had to spend another 1 hr on reviews to actually understand what was going on in the movie. Oh man, that was one chaotic movie. Gotta admit, it had some nice graphics though.
Luke Krepp
Warum trägt die Schnepfe ne Brille ohne Gläser!?
Otaku Crazy 88
Bluray and digital sales will make the profit
Cherry Stone
They should kill the franchise. I hated the film.
Gavin Wilson
Honestly I love the fantastic beasts movies… maybe even more than the original series.
Guni Gugu
Hello Cnet. Please tell me the name of the song in the beginning of your DJI Osmo Pocket Video. Shazam is not working. Thx in advance…
Makeshift Mulder
There is no Harry Potter «universe.» There's a long-dead franchise with a bunch of borderline fanfiction robbing its corpse. Even the last HP installment was split in two as a cash grab which was annoying. Every second of these prequels is cash grab.
Leomar Tacbobo
If sales are not that high, that's because people are willing to wait for it on torrents site's. And love that guy accents.

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