HD Top ERP Systems for 2020 | Best ERP Software | Ranking of ERP Systems | Top ERP Vendors

Top ERP Systems for 2020 | Best ERP Software | Ranking of ERP Systems | Top ERP Vendors
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The top 10 ERP systems rankings takes a deep look into how the leading ERP software compares to one another. This independent and technology-agnostic ranking outlines some of the best ERP systems you should consider for your organization in 2020 and beyond.

Some of the systems featured in this year's top 10 ERP systems include:

-SAP S/4HANA-Oracle ERP Cloud-Microsoft Dynamics 365-Oracle NetSuite-Infor M3 and CloudSuite-Salesforce-Workday-Sage X3-Service Now-IFS

My team and I compiled this list without vendor compensation or influence. Some of the quantitative and qualitative criteria we used to rank the top ERP systems include:

-Customer adoption rates-Breadth and depth of functionality-Maturity of the overall solution-Implementation time, cost, and risk

These and other data points were compiled from my team’s experience helping our clients evaluate and implement ERP systems, along with other quantitative and qualitative research we have conducted over the years.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: www.thirdstage-consulting.com/the-top-10-erp-systems-for-2020/

DOWNLOAD THE 2020 ERP REPORT:resource.thirdstage-consulting.com/2020-erp-hcm-report

COMPARISON OF SAP S/4HANA VS. ORACLE ERP CLOUD:www.thirdstage-consulting.com/understanding-the-differentiators-between-sap-s-4hana-vs-oracle-cloud/

COMPARISON OF SAP S/4HANA VS. ORACLE ERP CLOUD VS. MICROSOFT D365:www.thirdstage-consulting.com/comparison-of-sap-s-4hana-oracle-cloud-erp-and-microsoft-dynamics-365/

COMPARISON OF S/4HANA VS. MICROSOFT D365:www.thirdstage-consulting.com/independent-comparison-of-sap-s-4hana-vs-microsoft-dynamics-365/

DOWNLOAD 20 LESSONS FROM 1,000 ERP IMPLEMENTATIONS:resource.thirdstage-consulting.com/lessons-from-1000-erp-implementations-ebook


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Justin Baumann
Workday started by PeopleSoft employees who are recreating PeopleSoft in a different imagine.
Jhon Badalof
So im trying to wrap my head around this. Your saying due to the shift in management, the market share always shrinks or becomes less unstable, the service then also takes a hit, ranks lower on maturity?

Why does it matter really if people step down from a software agency?
BizAutomation Automating Small Business
I applaud the effort to simplify this into top 10, but really it's impossible. There's too many variables. We focus on smaller business, where we would declare ourselves #1, but not for mid-sized business. Then there's value, trade offs, it's enough to make you dizzy (salesforce is not big on ERP, but ok).
meinrad schibler
Hi Eric. Great Video. It was very instructive. You really seem to be on top of the topic. Congrats
Jim Loesel
Service Now isn't an ERP system and really doesn't belong on this list. Workday is a bit a of stretch as well because it's not a complete package. It could be a piece of a best of breed solution. I can concede Salesforce because depending on your industry, it could be the primary component of your ERP solution, but most people have Salesforce integrated to another big 5 ERP system for the supply chain and operations pieces. I think the others belong in the top ten because they are the packages that everyone should look at if you are switching systems. Depending on your industry there maybe a couple others added to this list and a few that should drop out.
Shyamsundar Pathak
Just starting to explore ERP systems. Sage Intacct not in the top 10… where does it come out in all this?
Serg Serg
Why no one knows Russian 1c erp. 1c -The best.
Ahmed Naeem
sage 200 is good for a group of companies have 3500 employees and working or n construction manpower merchandise agriculture??
Rahul Madhiwalla
superb video. Really professional. I am now feeling more confident in my ERP project implementation business.

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